Password Protected Rooms
Privacy is always a concern, especially when sharing links externally. Simply add a password from your user dashboard!
Ask and you shall receive – Minimap is here!
Click the map icon on the menu bar to open the minimap.
This is a live image of the map so any map changes will be shown!
Other Changes:
  • The Focus Mode button in Virtual Office now highlights when active
  • "Back to Map" button added to Trivia and King's Cup
  • Various bug fixes
Mesh's Map Maker is here!
Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 3
Take control over your next virtual events!
Create a custom virtual space built to your imagination.
Map Maker gives you the power to:
  • Start from scratch or from any of our templates
  • Add or remove objects, tiles, and walls
  • Make changes in-real-time during your events
  • Collaborate on a space with multiple admins
  • Embed links or games to any object
  • And much more!
Simply start a new event and select the hammer icon – you'll be building in seconds!